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The new Machinery Regulation (1230/2023)


The 14th of June was published on the official Journal of the European Union the official version of

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Robot or Cobot: that is the question (part II)


Collaborative Robot: Goodbye guards?

Let us continue our analysis of automation on productive process, answering one of the main

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Robot or Cobot: that is the question (part 1)


Considering a productive optimization of a facility, or a production line, it is no longer possible avoiding the term

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RoHS and WEEE: when apply and what to do


Directives RoHS e WEEE (2011/65/UE and 2012/19/UE) regulate the use and the disposal of certain substances to manufacture Electrical

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ATEX and machineries – what does and what doesn’t need to be marked?


A machinery handling combustible gas or dust, does need an ATEX marking?

…it depends.


Article 1 of directive

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Coating – Paint intended to come into contact with food


The surface coating is carried out typically with paint or enamel paint, namely a mixture of:

  • resins;
  • crosslinkers;
  • solvents;
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  • Innovation

Hydrogen (H2): a “zero-emission” society


The third event, organised by H2-MORE on development of hydrogen technology, took place the 14th of December at

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The real need for a machinery directive?

Why has the Machinery Directive been emanated? Who is it addressed to?

The Machinery Directive is an European Union law

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On fire with gas leak from pipe and valv.
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Latest from ATEX Directives 2014/34/EU and PED 2014/68/EU


Regulation (EC) No 765/2008 established new indications on the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies: a framework for product market

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