Hydrogen (H2): a “zero-emission” society


The third event, organised by H2-MORE on development of hydrogen technology, took place the 14th of December at Techboard in Modena.

Thirty-one companies, representing several industrial fields, were present with the aim of contributing and sharing visions concerning projects related to the exploitation of hydrogen and the development of related technology.

Hydrogen is of crucial importance for the development of a “zero emission” society.

All current technologies could, from a theoretical point of view, be replaced by hydrogen since this can be adopted as fuel in endothermic process but also as energy carrier in electrification devices (fuel cells).

Hydrogen, intrinsically reactive, needs particular attention for handling; Advolo introduced itself as competent reality in the field of Atex certification allowing a safe design of machineries and environments subjected to explosion risk.

A fundamental point we aim is leading the coordination of an industrial network for the development and realization of hydrogen-related projects. In this context, the meeting at Techboard represents a solid and important step forward for a synergic industrial relationship.



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