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ISO 7010: International Symbology on Machine Safety


When it comes to machine safety, it is necessary to rely on information systems based not on words, but

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  • Norms

Managing the risks of suspended loads in packaging machines: focus on automatic and semi-automatic winders conforming to EN 415


Packaging machines involving suspended loads present a number of risks that must be managed with technical rigour to ensure

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  • Laws

How is it defined an assemblies of machinery and how shall be assessed an industrial line?


An assembly of machineries is included in the scope of machinery Directive, as described by article 2 a) forth

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  • Innovation

Advolo is part of the Sustainable Innovators 2023 of the Emilia-Romagna


Since 2015, the ‘Regional Award for Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Innovation’ has been highlighting the responsible innovation experiences

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  • Laws

The EMC Directive


Electronic, for almost half century, plays a crucial aspect in the product design of daily use, industrial as well

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  • Laws

Did I make a Machine or a Partly-Completed Machinery?


There is often confusion among the Manufacturers if their products belong to the category “machinery” or “partly-completed machinery”


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  • Norms

EN ISO 14122: Guide to the Importance of Safe Design and Means of Machine Access



In the industrial world, the safety of worker is paramount. An often overlooked but crucial aspect concerns the

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What we really know about the new machinery regulation?



Wednesday 13 September 2023, 9 am
Confindustria Emilia Area Centro – Bologna

We invite you to take part on

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  • Laws

The new Machinery Regulation (1230/2023)


The 14th of June was published on the official Journal of the European Union the official version of

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