Advolo is part of the Sustainable Innovators 2023 of the Emilia-Romagna


Since 2015, the ‘Regional Award for Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Innovation’ has been highlighting the responsible innovation experiences with which Emilia-Romagna companies contribute to achieving the goals set out by the UN in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Over the years, the actions undertaken by regional realities have fostered growth that is mindful of the environment and territory, workplaces, inclusion, health and wellbeing of people.

The 2023 edition also saw Advolo S.r.l. among the partecipants in the ‘Ecological Transition’ section, with its SAHRA (Stand-Alone Hydrogen-Refuelling-Apparatus) project.

The project envisages the realisation of a stand-alone hydrogen production and storage plant for small/medium quantities, based on state-of-the-art technical and regulatory requirements in terms of both efficiency and safety requirements. The idea is to fill the current gap for small/medium-sized companies, which could give an economic boost to the development and large-scale implementation of an effective hydrogen infrastructure.

The modularity and applicability of these structures presuppose installation in climatically and geographically heterogeneous environments, making hydrogen accessible even to those realities that cannot be reached by the national distribution network. Another industrial sector that can potentially be penetrated by the stand-alone plant is the steel and heavy industry sector, where the substitution of fuel with the use of the hydrogen carrier will be vital for the survival of the sector. Despite the efforts, it is difficult to imagine that industries will be reached by a national hydrogen distribution network in the short term. Therefore, on-site production becomes the main alternative for immediate development and economic viability.

Implementing the use of green hydrogen as a replacement for current polluting fuels, for example, ensures very low emissions per capita for the movement of people by road. Moreover, starting from a concept of replicability of the structure, it is conceivable to realise a distribution network independent of the present networks.

The Award attributes to each project the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations: no poverty; affordable and clean energy; industry, innovation and infrastructure; responsible consumption and production; climate action.

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