EN ISO 14122: Guide to the Importance of Safe Design and Means of Machine Access



In the industrial world, the safety of worker is paramount. An often overlooked but crucial aspect concerns the fixed means of access to the machines. EN ISO 14122 stands as a beacon for the safe design of such means, setting clear and specific standards to ensure a safe working environment. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of these standard series, illustrating the need for safe access design and emphasising how compliance with these standards is crucial for operator safety.

The importance of EN ISO 14122

EN ISO 14122 is the cornerstone for the safe design of fixed means of access to industrial machines. These standards cover a wide range of aspects, from the design of stairs to walkways, setting out detailed requirements that must be respected to ensure the safety of operators when accessing machines. The importance of this legislation resides in its ability to provide an exhaustive guidance that reduces risk of accidents and promotes safety culture in workplace.

Designing in Safety: Risk Reduction and Regulatory Compliance

Designing means of access to machines in accordance with EN ISO 14122 is an imperative need for every company. Following these guidelines not only reduces the risk of accidents at work, but it’s also an essential element to ensure regulatory compliance. Reducing the risk of accidents protects both lives and safety of operators, preserves corporate reputation and avoids additional costs related to fines and penalties.

Economic Benefits of Means of Access Safe Design

The safe design of machine access is not only an investment in operators’ safety, but also a wise economic strategy. Reducing accidents in the workplace leads to lower medical and insurance costs, helping to improve the company’s financial performance. In addition, companies that adopt high safety standards can obtain reputational benefits, attracting customers who appreciate their efforts to safety and social responsibility.

Overview of EN ISO 14122

EN ISO 14122 is divided into several parts, each of which verbo specific aspects of means of access to machines. Here is a list of the main parts:

  1. EN ISO 14122-1: General requirements: this part concerns general requirements for the design and construction of means of access, providing a comprehensive overview of the shrewdness to be taken into account.
  2. EN ISO 14122-2: Fixed ladders: this part concerns specifications for fixed ladders, including materials, dimensions, inclinations and design details.
  3. EN ISO 14122-3: Stairs, stepladders: this part concerns ladders, and it offers details about safety requirements for the design of these structures.
  4. EN ISO 14122-4: Working platforms, walkways and access points: this part concerns walkways, platforms and access points, detailing design requirements to ensure the safety of operators.
  5. EN ISO 14122-5: Escalators: this part concerns escalators, addressing the specifics issues related to both design and installation in industrial environments.

Investing in safety: Advolo’s consulting services

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In conclusion, EN ISO 14122 is the compass for the safe design of means of access to machines. Abide by these standards reduces the risk of accidents and promotes a corporate culture aimed at safety and regulatory compliance.

We invite companies to consider Advolo’s consultancy services as the ideal partner to ensure safe means of access that meet the highest standards. Safety in workplaces is not only an ethical obligation, but also an investment in the reliability, reputation and long-term success of the company.

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