The new Machinery Regulation (1230/2023)


The 14th of June was published on the official Journal of the European Union the official version of Regulation 1230/2023 concerning Machinery.

The new Regulation represents an important development concerning all machinery Manufacturers in the Union, putting new objectives and regulating those aspects remained unclear in the Directive 2006/42/CE.

A first important aspect is due to the change from Directive to Regulation. While the first shall be transposed by each Member state to its internal law, a the latter represents already a Union law that shall be applicated as effective.

The Machinery Regulation features new aspects respects the Directive 2006/42/CE

From a practical point of view some questions arise. Let us try to answer promptly:

  • The new Regulation is already in force?

The Regulation entered into force the 19th of July 2023. This does not mean that the Regulation is already applicable; the transition period from Directive 2006/42/CE to Regulation 1230/2023 will end the 20th of January 2027.

This last date represents the conclusion of this process. However, in the meantime others parts will be already applicable, hence:

  • 50 §1 from 12/10/2023 (Penalties from the Member States);
  • Art 6 §7; 48 and 52 from 13/07/2023 (committee procedure and transition and final provision)
  • Art 6 §2-6, 8, 11; art. 47; art 53 §3 from 14/07/2023 (products subjected to relevant conformity assessment procedures, delegation, evaluation and review of Regulation)
  • Art 26-42 from 14/01/2024 (specific for notify bodies)

Therefore until 20/01/2027 Directive 2006/42/CE will remain in force. It is however recommended to comply with the Regulation during this transition period.

  • Is it already possible to refer to the Regulation 1230/2023?

No, as explained above, only when the Directive 2006/42/CE will be repealed (namely from 20/01/2027), it will be possible to cite the Regulation 1230/2023 in the declaration of conformity.

  • What about partly completed machine in the Regulation 1230/2023?

Partly completed machine are not deeply modified by the Regulation 1230/2023. Other than the major changes concerning also Machinery, applicable also to partly completed machine (such as documentation digitalization and source code or software included in the technical documentation), a dedicated annex concerning assembly instructions was added.

The transitional period lasts about three and half year. Despite this could seem a long period, because of the everyday life routine and busy periods, time runs out quite quickly.

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