EN ISO 14122: Guide to the Importance of Safe Design and Means of Machine Access

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2023/09/28 Introduction In the industrial world, the safety of worker is paramount. An often overlooked but crucial aspect concerns the fixed means of access to the machines. EN ISO 14122 stands as a beacon for the safe design of such means, setting clear and specific standards to ensure a safe working environment. In this article, […]

Robot or Cobot: that is the question (part II)

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2023/06/21 Collaborative Robot: Goodbye guards? Let us continue our analysis of automation on productive process, answering one of the main doubts on the topic: since Cobot are designed to work in close vicinity of operators, can Cobot be installed without guards?   First of all, it is necessary to clarify that it does not exist […]

Robot or Cobot: that is the question (part 1)

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2023/05/24 Considering a productive optimization of a facility, or a production line, it is no longer possible avoiding the term “automation”. Nowadays robots represent a key factor to reach high efficiency production standards. However there are several numbers of applications where robots can be used; so here come the questions: is it always the best […]

Noise emitted by machinery

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Noise as governed by Directive 2006/42/EC Noise is an intrinsic feature of the machine that every manufacturer is required to consider during the design phase; poor consideration of this aspect can lead to the creation of a product with high noise risks. The issue is addressed in Requirement 1.5.8 of Annex I and reads as […]

Machinery for the food industry and food contact materials: legislation and compliance

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Machinery for food Food is not only the basis of livelihood, but is an essential element of human health and well-being, and national and international authorities have therefore considered it necessary to properly regulate the process, distribution and control along the entire production chain. Food, before consumption, comes into contact with numerous materials and objects […]