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dae defibrillatore semiautomatico

Advolo S.r.l. announces that a has joined the MEDOC Project “Romagna Cardio Protetta” by acquiring a defibrillator and qualified personnel, both available to citizens when needed during business hours. Numerous defibrillators are already present in the municipality of Forlimpopoli reaching the 95th facility among companies, gyms and schools in our territory. Susanna Schiavone, “Romagna Cardio […]

Limitation of manufacturer’s liability in relation to the Machinery Directive

limitazione responsabilita direttiva

Remarks on limitation of producer/manufacturer’s liability in relation to the Machinery Directive It must be said that the machinery directive is mandatory, therefore it cannot be waived in any way. Instead, one can interfere with certain generic expressions that the regulation uses. We would like to point out that the short notes below do not […]