What we really know about the new machinery regulation?

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2023/08/29   Wednesday 13 September 2023, 9 am Confindustria Emilia Area Centro – Bologna We invite you to take part on the meeting “What we really know about the new machinery regulation?” In the morning it will be presented the news introduced by the Regulation with particular care about: new assessment procedures for machinery, new possibilities […]

The new Machinery Regulation (1230/2023)

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2023/07/21 The 14th of June was published on the official Journal of the European Union the official version of Regulation 1230/2023 concerning Machinery. The new Regulation represents an important development concerning all machinery Manufacturers in the Union, putting new objectives and regulating those aspects remained unclear in the Directive 2006/42/CE. A first important aspect is […]

Robot or Cobot: that is the question (part II)

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2023/06/21 Collaborative Robot: Goodbye guards? Let us continue our analysis of automation on productive process, answering one of the main doubts on the topic: since Cobot are designed to work in close vicinity of operators, can Cobot be installed without guards?   First of all, it is necessary to clarify that it does not exist […]

Robot or Cobot: that is the question (part 1)

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2023/05/24 Considering a productive optimization of a facility, or a production line, it is no longer possible avoiding the term “automation”. Nowadays robots represent a key factor to reach high efficiency production standards. However there are several numbers of applications where robots can be used; so here come the questions: is it always the best […]

RoHS and WEEE: when apply and what to do

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2023/04/18 Directives RoHS e WEEE (2011/65/UE and 2012/19/UE) regulate the use and the disposal of certain substances to manufacture Electrical and Electronical Equipment (EEE) until the end-of-life of the product. An EEE is defined as an equipment which is dependent on electric currents or electromagnetic fields in order to work properly designed for use with […]

ATEX and machineries – what does and what doesn’t need to be marked?

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2023/03/27 A machinery handling combustible gas or dust, does need an ATEX marking? …it depends.   Article 1 of directive 2014/34/UE defines the field of application to: (a) equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres; (b) safety devices, controlling devices and regulating devices intended for use outside potentially explosive atmospheres but […]

Coating – Paint intended to come into contact with food

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2023/02/23 The surface coating is carried out typically with paint or enamel paint, namely a mixture of: resins; crosslinkers; solvents; water and aliphatic ammines; additives; catalysts; pigments; functional charges. The functional features of such product intended to come into contact with food, guarantee the insulation from metal, the resistance of mechanical process, resistance to chemical […]

Hydrogen (H2): a “zero-emission” society

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2023/01/23 The third event, organised by H2-MORE on development of hydrogen technology, took place the 14th of December at Techboard in Modena. Thirty-one companies, representing several industrial fields, were present with the aim of contributing and sharing visions concerning projects related to the exploitation of hydrogen and the development of related technology. Hydrogen is of […]